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The team at Allied Gaming have been at the forefront of the performance PC industry for a long time. You might even say that in building and establishing a couple of the world’s most recognisable custom PC brands here in Australia, we’ve been here since the beginning.

In that time, working with those major industry names, we built thousands of PCs that delivered super-premium performance at super-premium price-points.

But one thing was always clear to us: there’s a very large, ever-growing community of gamers seeking the same thing: products that deliver the latest technology, are of the highest quality, and deliver impressive value for money. And that community is, for the most part, under-served.

A large proportion of our team are those gamers. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of those gamers. That’s why we created Allied Gaming. And that’s what Game As One is all about: making PC gaming accessible to everyone.


We promise to deliver the best gaming PC experience to anyone looking for it.

Premium performance? Check. You’ll get the best quality, best performing components, in a gaming PC the equal of anyone, anywhere in the world.

Premium service? Check. Superior pre- and post-sales support, delivered by passionate professionals based here in Australia.

Premium prices? Nope. Sure, if you’re an enthusiast with the time and motivation to build your own rig, you could build it yourself, for less – that’s true of any system builder. But if you’re not, or if you can’t, or if you would rather your gaming PC be assembled, tested and supported by a team whose passion and excitement matches your own, we’re the ones for your next PC.

Designed to peRform. destined to impress.

Just because it’s fast, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Where beautiful design meets a need for speed? That’s the sweet spot.

When it comes to our desktop PCs, we’re all about getting that mix right. Every aspect that matters to you – performance, style, and value – is top of mind to us. Put it this way: we don’t create anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

Keep it simple.

Buying a customisable gaming PC can be confusing and expensive, without delivering any real value to you. Our philosophy is delivering all the things you do need and none of things you don’t, making the entire process as easy as it can possibly be.

All the options you expect are there, and with more than 20 years at the forefront of performance PC gaming, you can trust that we’ll build your desktop as if it was our own. That means we’ll use the best performing components, highest assembly and stress-testing standards, and clinical attention to detail, to ensure your PC arrives ready to fire up and perform as it’s meant to, right out of the box.

If you need a hand with your decision making, we’re here to answer your questions and help you choose the PC that’s right for you.


Game as one.

We’ve designed a full suite of PC gaming products that perform well and look even better, especially when they’re all next to each other. Customise your Allied Gaming PC then deck your setup out with an Allied Gaming keyboard, mouse, surface and monitor to exclaim loudly and proudly to anyone who cares to listen (or just happens to be around), that you’re one of us.


things just work

From what it does to how it does it, every product makes sense. A full range of gaming PC products, designed with the end user experience as number one priority.


tested, never bested

We stand behind our products and our customers, for the long haul. Our products are built to last. And if they don’t, we’ll make repair or replacement a dream, not a nightmare.


The speed is real

From bedroom to situation room, flying solo or in party mode, performance anxiety is a thing of the past – we build them fast.


Light, bright & white

Sure, it’s subjective, but we sure like the way our products look. Go a grey box if that’s what you’re after, but for our money, white = tight.


Obsolete is obsolete

Don’t get hit in the feels when that new CPU or GPU comes out. Our Upgrade Program means you’ll never be locked into ageing hardware ever again.


For the journey

2 year assembled system warranty as standard, with options to extend part replacement and shipping coverage for ultimate peace of mind (and wallet).

Tech changes. WHY CAN’T YOU?

One of the great things about the PC gaming industry is that advances in technology always land here, first. But what if you’ve just dished out for the latest and greatest, only for the latest-er and greatest-er to suddenly drop…and you really want it? What do you do with a processor or graphics card that’s been superseded? Your options have always been pretty limited. Until now.

Now, you can get paid to upgrade.

Whatever you’ve purchased from us, we’ll take back from you, and give you credit towards your upgrade. So you can buy an Allied Gaming PC secure in the knowledge that, when the time to upgrade comes, you’ll get back what you put in, and so will we.
Feel the flow, Happy. Feel it. It’s circular.


Allied Stinger

  • Compact Mid-Tower (M-ATX) Case
  • Up To Ryzen 5 & Core i7 Processors
  • NVIDIA GTX/RTX 3000 Series & AMD RX 6000 Series Graphics
  • Addressable RGB Components & Lighting

Allied Patriot

  • Mid-Tower (ATX) Case
  • Up To Ryzen 9 & Core i9 Processors
  • NVIDIA GTX/RTX 3000 Series & AMD RX 6000 Series Graphics
  • Addressable RGB Components & Lighting

Allied M.O.A.B.

  • Full-Tower (ATX) Behemoth Case
  • Up To Ryzen 9 & Core i9 Processors
  • NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series & AMD RX 6000 Series Graphics
  • Custom Liquid Cooling CPU + GPU Loops